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Wild Flowers (Book 1 The Lives Trilogy)

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WILD FLOWERS is an epic of love and hate, of betrayal and murder, of searching and finding...

Six young girls growing up together...to become very different women. The Calder sisters---Lily, Jasmine, Rose, Holly, Iris and Poppy---bound by strong family ties but torn apart by their angry past. Spanning 20 eventful years---through the Great Depression and World War II---this vivid saga reveals the intimate lives of the Calder women.

EARTHY, SENSUOUS, COLORFUL---Pamela Redford Russell has mastered the difficult art of capturing reader imagination. Not only is she a first-rate storyteller, but also a poetic visionary adept at vigorous characterization and evocative description. Her dialogue is rich in realism, intimate and well-crafted.

WILD FLOWERS is an important book. Russell is an important writer.

--J.R.L. West Coast Review of Books

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